Holgate UXB

Another micro-review.

Let me preface this by saying I am totally biased. I do not like Holgate. That said, I do like this beer.

I spent an afternoon during Easter sampling bocks with my family, and I’d picked up a selection of Holgate beers to start us off before we started on the Bocks.

We tried just about everything Holgate had to offer and we were pretty dissappointed. I’m not one to dislike beer, but when I pay a premium to support a craft brewery, I expect certain things. My family and I found them to be empty and flavourless. Not unpleasant, but definitely lacking.

Moving on to this beer, the Holgate UXB (unexploded bomb). I did a blind test of this, going purely on recommendation, and loved it. Fresh, bitter, smooth, and thick. It felt great.

As this is supposed to be a micro-review, I’ll keep it short and recommend it. I had it on tap, which might be key, as all the other Holgates I tried were bottled, but it shouldn’t make that much difference that a bottled beer is unacceptable.

So. Hoppy, bitter, good. Very slight malt. Very drinkable. By far, Holgate’s best.

EDIT: Apparently Beer Deluxe (one of my favourite bars) is exclusively serving this. It’s a bar worth visiting – I find myself there about once a week.


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