Friday Night Drinks With Steve

This post came from an impromptu get-together last night, organised after all the major bottle shops had already closed. Some minor supermarket ones were open, so I used the opportunity to try a couple of the beers I had always seen but never wanted to try.

Barons Lager

I’m a fan of Barons; they bring good beer to the masses, and for a VERY reasonable price. Lord knows I don’t like lager, but if I was in a pub that only (god forbid) served light lagers, this is what I’d pick. Very little flavour, but gets the job done better than most.

Hoegaarden Witbier-Biere Blanche My mate Steve and I were at The Local Taphouse last weekend and could have sworn we ordered this (despite prior reputation). What we received was an amazing wheat beer, deep and satisfying. It introduced Steve to the wonderful world of wheat beer, and we’d found ourselves an excellent beer we wanted to try again. When we found this Hoegaarden Witbier in the shop, it seemed worth a try. Unfortunately, it was traumatically light; tasting like off water. Sweet, slightly spicy, and with only a generic wheat flavour, this one disappointed. I suppose we will just have to go back to The Tap House to find out what the beer was we originally ordered.


“I’m actually looking forward to finishing it so I can move on to the next one.”

Redoak Organic Hefeweizen

This beer review was lost due to a fault of my iPhone, so I’ll make do.
The main points I would make is that the nose is very stark, and upon tasting, the flavour resembles a champagne much more than a wheat beer. My tasting buddies and I have become very wheat beer focused, and this really didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations. Apparently “Australia’s most awarded brewery 2005-2008”, I’d like to see those credentials.
Tart, very low carbonation, and generally very unpleasant.

James Squire Malt Runner

Not a beer I’d ever avoided, but one I’d simply not come across.

A nose giving waves of resin, smoke, fruit and an unusual saltiness. Flavours including the obvious malt, raisins/cherries, and a good back-palette of hops, and still the bizarre salty flavour sensed in the nose.

Perfect carbonation for such a rich beer.
A very full lager, very satisfying, and probably the most satisfying of the Squires I’ve had to date. If the alcohol content was any higher I’d suggest it was a disguised bock!
Very nice, very indulgent, and the perfect end to a night of disappointing beers.

Steve and I flog our favourite.

So after picking the last few things we could find from a bottle shop with very limited selection, we’ve found that Squire and Barons come out on top. Can’t say this is very surprising as these are breweries with other beers I know quite intimately (probably due to their availability and price), but if you only have access to a very mediocre bottle shop, these two are worth a try.



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4 thoughts on “Friday Night Drinks With Steve

  1. James says:

    Hey there! I’m a new follower of your blog…thanks to the mention by BeermenTV (re the breakfast).

    Totally agree with you on the Baron’s there. I very much like the Baron’s ESB and Black Wattle Original Ale (especially because of the low price and easy accessibility through Dan Murphys)…but did not like that Lager one bit. Far too light in mouth and weak in taste.

    I also had the Malt Runner last weekend. Thought it was nice on first taste, certainly rich, but nothing really special. I much preferred the last 2 Winter releases from James Squire (“Hop Thief” in 2009 and “Pepperberry Winter Ale” in 2008). I had a 2nd Malt Runner on Monday night after drinking a Red Hill Hop Harvest with dinner…and the Malt Runner was no where near as good in taste and quality as the Hop Harvest (or maybe it was just a really wrong mix of drinks!).

    • jourdankeillor says:

      Tonight I’m planning on revisiting the Hop Harvest, and I do have some Malt Runner left over (I agree, rich but little joy after first taste), so I’ll have a play around and compare.
      I’d love to try the previous Malt Shovel winter releases, so I’ll have to put the feelers out and source some samples.
      Haven’t tried the Barons ESB yet, is it better than the Black Wattle?
      Great to have vocal followers so soon after starting up, so cheers for the comment 🙂

  2. Gem says:

    Goddammit, now I want to try Malt Runner even though I’ve got a cracking line up of beer drinking this weekend. Is it available at Dan Murphy’s, do you think?

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