Micro-view: Revolution Brewing Cross Of Gold Golden Ale

I have a bunch of posts queued from America and now the UK ones are building up too. This isn’t for any reason other than that I’ve been getting distracted by the socializing and the exploring that comes with being in new places. So here we go; I’ll post a few of them as I get the chance.

While in Chicago several weeks back, I used the opportunity to grab a bunch of locally brewed craft beers and stop in to a few of the breweries and bars in town. One of the beers I picked up was this golden ale, done by Revolution Brewing, a brewery I hadn’t heard of, but clearly had to try. This ale was the only of their range on sale at the store, or perhaps it was the only one of their range left; Chicagoans seemed to have raided the shelves fairly thoroughly.


The beer pours with a light, white, foamy head, with delicate lacing. With a mild hoppy aroma, it smells fresh, a little fruity, and a touch piney. The hops hit the palette a lot stronger; this refreshing ale has a light fizzy carbonation that dances on the tip of your tongue, while the sharp, hoppy citrus hits the rest of your olfactories. At first I thought it might be a little young – I sensed a little of that sour green apple flavour – but it works well with the hops to yield a light, refreshing, sessionable ale. Ratebeer rates this at 83/100, and that seems about reasonable. I can see why this might be a favourite to many.


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