I’m Jourdan.

I live in Melbourne, and for the past couple of years have been pursuing an avid interest in homebrew. Specifically ale, I’ve always been a fan of beer, and since being gifted with a 23L fermenter have been taking great joy in the art of brewing.

I’m currently part-way through my Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Biotechnology) at RMIT, studying all the awesome science that ties in to brewing.

This blog is a place for me to post all my beer-related adventures, from reviews of my favourite beers to recipes of my own. I’m currently in the United States of America, drinking as many ‘Murican beers as I can get my hands on, and lapping up the Michigan craft beer culture. I also took a wee trip around New Zealand’s South Island, posting about all the wonderful brews and breweries I came across.

I have had a couple of previous personal blogs before, but what I’ve found in beer is a hobby that is always there for you. Every weekend there is a new brew to start, and one ready to bottle. Often two. And every weekend the shopping trip usually includes a bevy of bevvies to taste and report on. As such, my aim here is to regularly post what I’ve learnt, and hopefully take feedback from you guys. So if you feel like sending me a beer-buzz, you can find me tweeting away on Twitter as @thesalvingfont, or if you’re an email type, the same at gmail.com.



One thought on “About

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