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Big Beer Saturday ’10 (Part 1: Breakfast)

With the AIBAs and the Beer & Brewer expo in town, Melbourne was a buzzing beery place this weekend, and everybody with a passion for beer was making an appearance.

First up was the Hair Of The Dog Breakfast – a seven-course breakfast matched with eight craft beers. Sound impressive? It was, and I am so disappointed I couldn’t have pointed more people towards it. Information was tight while the event was being organised, and all I had to go on was that there would be beer, breakfast, and it was $20 entry. A quick tweet to the hosts (Beermen.tv and Beer Deluxe) received the message that the per-head charge would cover everything, but as I didn’t know what ‘everything’ was, I let it be. So glad I did, I arrived a little after 10AM to find the most amazing surprise: big long tables lined with 100 grinning beer-lovers, and a menu of eight beers each to match a succession of amazing breakfast dishes.

I’ll list the beers below in no particular order:

Bridge Road Hefe

Sure beats the ‘infected’ Celtic Red I had from them a few weeks ago. Always a wheat beer fan, this one went down quickly.

Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Not served with any particular course but full of flavour and very refreshing. Will be a summer regular. Surprisingly great for Mountain Goat (I’ve had a LOT of Goat in the past and this one shocked me).

Red Hill Wheat Beer

So nice that my girlfriend would not rest until she had bought a mixed sixer from these guys. We are yet to break into the sixer, as if it ought to be saved for a special occasion.

Bright Brewery Razor Witbier

Very drinkable and made with local wheat and hops.

Murray’s Whale Ale

Balanced, easy-drinking. May have to delve a little deeper into this brewery soon. Their porter is nice too.

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Aways a classic. Have tried the White Ale they’ve just brought out (a few times now) and the Dark Ale still reigns supreme.

I’m interested to see how the White ale does through summer, as I think that’s when it will shine.

Stone & Wood Stone Beer

Made by my girlfriend’s sister’s boss using heated stones. How whack is that!? And it’s a really nice beer!

Holgate Temptress Porter

A nice porter done by a brewery who has only been able to impress me with their dark beers.

Tuatara Porter

Not technically on the breakfast menu, but I’ve loved everything I’ve tasted from these guys.

The food itself was very nice, ranging from crepes to beans, from sausages-on-toast to waffles, and was all top nosh. It was the perfect amount of food to leave you feeling like you’ve just indulged in christmas dinner, and I really regret not dragging along any of my friends. The only flaw I could find was that the food did land on my plate a little cold (though I’ve never fed a hundred drunkards before, so I can’t really talk).

I want to thank everyone that organised this, as it was clearly an epic feat, and I really hope it is the first of many. Well done!

I was planning on listing every beer from Saturday in this post, but at last count it exceeded 40 different beers, so I’ll stick with breakfast for now and look over my notes for the best of the rest.

Back soon,


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